• Tower Construction Burj Al Reza
  • Mass Construction Almas Residential Complexes
  • Tourism Industry Seyedi Hotels
  • Oil and Petrochemical Almas Noor Kish Oil
Seyedi Economic Development and Investment Organization
(Seyedi Holding)

Economic Development and Investment Organization
About SeyediGroup

It is a series of companies, hotels and economic enterprises, which are active in line with the business and job creation, construction, tourism industry and partnership with natural and legal persons and the investment and concluding contracts with banking and financial, real and legal authorities inside and outside the country.

Our story
2014AprilThe Grand Openiong of the Burj Al Reza Hotel

Burj Al Reza hotel was opened in Mashhad, in April 2014

2013DecemberEstablishment of Seyedi Institute of Economicand Investment

Seyedi Institute of Economic Capital and Investment was founded in December 2013

2012DecemberEstablishment of Almas Noor-e-Kish

Establishment of Almas Noor-e-Kish petrochemical and oil industry company in Kish economic and free zone.
Seyedi Group of companies has created new line in its fields of activities by entering the petrochemical and oil industry. Almas Noor-r-Kish oil and petrochemical industry is now working inside and outside the country company through concluding domestic and foreign contracts regarding the extraction, refining and distribution of petroleum and natural gas products.

2011MayInvestment in the Tourism Industry

Entry to the field of investment in the tourism industry through purchasing and opening of Morvarid apartment hotel and restaurant.

2011FebruaryEstablishing Pasargad Brokers Company

The name of this company was changed to Pasargad Automakers in 2012.

2009SeptemberBurj Al Reza Iranian Company

Changing the name of Gooya company to Burj Al Reza Iranian Company.

1999OctoberEstablishing Gooya Company

Establishing the first joint stock private company, a member of Computer Sydicate with the title of "Gooya" and a member of Iran Mines, Industries and Chamber of Commerce.

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Seyedi Economic Development and Investment Organization Affiliated Companies
International Companies
Almas Noor Kish

Areas of expertise of oil and petrochemical industry or refinery and power plant related matters and contracting of all the sub-projects.

Almas Noor Kish Oil And Petrochemical Industry
Seyedi Hotels

Hotels and Tourism Industry

Seyedi Hotels
Pasargad Automakers

Car and Spare Part Import to Iran

Pasargad Automakers
امارات متحده عربی - رأس الخیمه
S And A Company
National Companies
Burj Al Reza Iranian
Burj Al Reza Iranian
S.Food Restaurant Chain
Sfood chain fast food restaurants
  • Seyedi Economic Development and Investment Organization has started work in the area of importing luxury cars and spare parts. From now on, order registration, import and customs clearance of all foreign vehicles, with are licensed to import will be done by Pasargad Automakers Company.

    Pasargad Pasargad Public Relations Section
  • Import and customs clearance of laptops, tablets computers and electronic devices.

    Mehr Gooya Gooya Public Relations Section
  • Save 30% Off on Burj Al Reza Hotel

    Burj AL Reza Burj Al Reza Public Relations Section

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